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About Premier Solar NW

Premier Solar NW is about providing clean, affordable solar energy and delivering the best customer experience in Washington and Oregon. Our team is proud to serve southern Washington State cities including Longview, Vancouver, Washougal, Ridgfield, and beyond. We are a team of dedicated, expert solar installers serving Washington’s and Oregon’s solar needs.

Design and Installation of Solar Panels

We are professional solar installers with a comprehensive background in all aspects of designing and installing photovoltaic home and commercial solar systems. We ensure that your system not only performs well, but also looks great and we take every care to make sure your solar panels are easy on the eye, and your wallet.

Solar panels for your home

Tom A, Longview, WA

Nothing but good to say about Premier Solar NW. This company and its employees were a pleasure to deal with.

Solar Incentives

Incentives, Incentives, Incentives! Washington and Oregon are national leaders in helping home and business owners pay for their solar electric installations. Current incentives will not only reduce the cost or your system but in some cases your power company will pay you for the electricity your system generates. Really, it’s true!

Serving Washington State and Oregon

Premier Solar NW of Oregon are both under the Premier Energy, Inc umbrella. Premier Energy, Inc is a local company based in Woodland, WA about 20 minutes north of Portland. We do business as Premier Solar NW in Washington and in Oregon we do business as Premier Solar NW of Oregon. Either way, you’ll have an excellent customer experience delivered to your home or business just as hundreds of our previous customers have.