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Expert Q&A: Why Solar Panel Recycling Matters–and How It Can Benefit the Industry

October 4, 2018

solar panel recycling

The solar industry is growing rapidly- according to the Solar Energy Industries Association, by 2023, more than 64 million panels will be installed annually. Solar systems are a sustainable way to generate power, but there is an environmental cost- what to do with the panels when they reach the end of their working life? Read on to find out what the top solar researcher’s thoughts are when it comes to solar panel recycling here.

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Solar Loans to Become No. 1 Consumer Finance Solution for Residential Solar in 2018

September 20, 2018

residential solar panels

This year (2108) may be the best year for solar loans:

“Despite rising interest rates affecting all consumer lending, GTM Research forecasts in its latest report, Bringing Scale, Profitability and Value to the Residential Solar Market, that solar lending will become the No. 1 consumer finance solution for residential solar systems in 2018.” For more information, read on here.

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Researchers Accidentally Make Solar Energy Breakthrough

September 6, 2018

Through a spontaneous discovery, researchers have developed a new technique that will maximize energy efficiency by “funneling” photovoltaic energy directly into solar panels and batteries. As solar energy becomes more popular for homeowners, scientific breakthroughs such as this could make the technology even more affordable.  For more information, read on here.

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Solar Panels in Portland, OR

March 30, 2017

Sure Portland has wet, cloudy weather during Winter months, but Summer and Fall bring long stretches of sunny weather that make Portland a great choice for solar power. The city of Portland has more information about residential solar power here. Learn more about solar panels in Portland, OR on our website.

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Power clashes cloud solar’s future in Washington

December 22, 2014

Government cash incentives have helped a fledgling solar-energy industry gain a toehold in Washington. But battles still loom over how to make solar more affordable for homeowners and small businesses.

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Solar Oregon to lead free solar energy workshops in Washington County

December 12, 2014

The nonprofit organization Solar Oregon will host three Basics of Going Solar Workshops in Washington County this fall. These free workshops will be held in Beaverton on Oct. 15, Hillsboro on Oct. 28, and Tigard on Nov. 5.

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Solar energy and community net metering

November 6, 2014

The City of Portland has a long-standing commitment to support the development of a market for solar energy. Despite many gains, solar energy remains out of reach for many Portland residents, including renters, lower-income individuals and people who live in neighborhoods with more shade than sun.

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The coming era of unlimited — and free — clean energy

October 31, 2014

In the 1980s, leading consultants were skeptical about cellular phones. McKinsey & Company noted that the handsets were heavy, batteries didn’t last long, coverage was patchy, and the cost per minute was exorbitant. It predicted that in 20 years the total market size would be about 900,000 units, and advised AT&T to pull out. McKinsey was wrong, of course. There were more than 100 million cellular phones in use in 2000; there are billions now. Costs have fallen so far that even the poor — all over world — can afford a cellular phone.

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