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Own vs Lease

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Lease a Solar System

In Oregon, homeowners have the option of owning or leasing their solar system. In Washington however, leasing is not available due to state incentive rules. Don’t worry, Washingtonians, even if leasing were permitted, the Washington incentives heavily favor owning the system over leasing it.

For those Oregon residents interested in leasing, here is some helpful information.

We’ve partnered with Sunrun, the nation’s largest solar service provider. What’s a solar service provider, you ask? If you have a Sunrun system on your roof, you don’t own the equipment, you just own the power generated from the equipment. Sunrun owns the solar panels, inverter(s), racking and everything else. As a certified Sunrun Partner, we handle all of the design, permitting and installation of your home’s system on Sunrun’s behalf.

Here are the main benefits of a Sunrun system:

  • Lower up front cost
  • Guaranteed amount of solar production
  • Peace of mind knowing you’re not responsible for maintaining the equipment

Leasing Sunrun solar panels


Sunrun allows you to prepay in advance for 20 years of guaranteed solar power production. The benefit of paying for the solar power up front (opposed to monthly) is the per-kWh cost of the solar electricity will be much lower than what you’re currently paying PGE or Pacific Power for their electricity. Chances are, you’re paying around 12 cents per kWh from your power company. Going solar with Sunrun will mean the electricity coming off your roof will cost you much less – around 3 to 6 cents per kWh!