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Perhaps you’ve wondered if it’s time to make a change to your energy sources.

You’re frustrated that your energy provider has raised their rates (and you’re rightfully worried it will only get worse).
You've heard about the tax credits and rebates
You want to help preserve our planet
Month after month, year after year, you're paying too much for energy bills
You don't want to depend on energy sources that might not exist in the future

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Learn more about solar incentives available to home owners in Washington state and Oregon here.

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Learn more about the various tax incentives and credits available for commercial solar panel installation in Oregon!

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Premier Solar Northwest
Great company, very responsive, lots of integrity. Very happy with the end result and the support. Would recommend them to others without hesitation.
Premier Solar Northwest
David C.
We’ve had our panels on for 3 weeks now and everything has been great. Everyone at PSNW was very professional. We’ve had zero issues and are very happy that we pulled the trigger on going 100% Solar. The whole process was seamless really. And quick! Highly recommended PSNW.
Premier Solar Northwest
Chris G.
HIRE THEM. I’ve worked with hundreds of contractors across the country and Premier Solar NW is one of the best. They are professional, friendly, communicative, helpful, fast, hard-working, and competitively priced. At each step of the way they exceeded my expectations. You should hire them.
Premier Solar Northwest
Bryson E.

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Premier Solar NW is your #1 choice for solar installation in Oregon and Washington and here’s why!


We're based in Portland, Oregon and so we really understand the unique needs of our clients in Oregon and Washington.

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Our team is highly experienced and professional, and will ensure that your solar panel installation is done right and completed with the utmost attention to detail.


At Premier Solar NW, we only use the highest quality products and tools for our solar installations, so you get a quality result that lasts for decades to come.

clean energy

We're committed to promoting clean, renewable energy and energy independence for folks across the region.


Whether you're looking for residential or commercial solar, we stay up to date on all the state and federal incentives available so that you save the most money possible.

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Through our partners, we have competitive financing options for your convenience, so that you aren't saddled with large one-time expenses.

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At Premier Solar NW, we take pride in having a team of friendly, experienced, and professional staff who are all local to Oregon and Washington. Our team members are passionate about solar energy and have the expertise to design and install solar solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs.

We believe that our local knowledge and experience allow us to provide the best possible service to our clients. Whether you have questions about the solar installation process or want to learn more about how solar energy can benefit you, our team is here to help. We strive to deliver exceptional customer service and ensure that every project we work on is completed to the highest standard.

So, if you’re looking for a trusted and reliable solar company in the Pacific Northwest, look no further than Premier Solar NW.


Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Contrary to belief, solar energy is not only effective during the day or brighter seasons such as the spring and summer. Long sunny summer days from May to October provide plenty of sunlight, with daylight hours reaching from 5 AM to 10 PM. With Oregon and Washington’s excellent net metering programs, solar produced during the day is fed into the grid and during times of low solar solar production (such as at night), that energy will be implemented back into your system. Through improved technology and energy efficiency, panels can produce even on cloudy days. Thankfully, the Pacific Northwest has some of the best, most attractive solar incentives in the country.

Yes, Congress has extended and restored the federal solar tax credit to it’s original rate. This means homeowners and business who install solar and/or battery backup systems between 2022-2032 will receive a 30% tax credit. A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar credit on the income tax you owe. Business can receive an additional 10% tax credit if they use American-made products and materials, and battery storage systems no longer need to be paired with solar to qualify for the credit. In addition, Washington and Oregon have various state and local incentives.

A typical residential project takes between 1-3 days. The variance depends on the system size as well as the slope and complexity of the roof.

Before putting solar on your roof, we’d like to see that your roof has at least 10 years of remaining useful life. So, if you think your roof will need to be replaced fairly soon, it would be best to have it replaced before having a system installed.

  • Net metering is an agreement between you and your utility where you are allowed to bank credits whenever your system is producing more energy than your home is using.
  • Typically, this occurs in the sunny summer months, when your system is most productive. In the winter, you can draw from those credits, keeping your bills low.
  • There is a net metering fiscal year, which runs from May-April. On April 30, you will forfeit any credits that you may have with the utility. The year resets on May 1, coinciding with the long summer days to start building up credits again.
  • In Oregon, the fiscal year runs from April-March. If you still have kWh “in the bank” at the end of March, the utility may credit you or transfer those credits to customers in their low-income program. Having extra credits is rare: Systems aren’t usually designed to produce more than 100 percent of your annual consumption.

The answer is not so simple as: Yes or No.

All commercial solar projects in Oregon will require structural engineering before we can apply for a permit, yet many homes do not require engineering. Ground mounted solar is exempt from engineering in our state, yet detached garages and pole-buildings may need it.

All of our solar panels carry a standard 25 year warranty. Our string inverters have a 12 year warranty and our micro-inverters have a 25 year warranty. We have one of the longest workmanship warranties in the Northwest at 25 years.

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