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New Year, Same Story: Cost of Wind and Solar Fall Below Cost of Coal and Gas

November 29, 2018

solar energy

Financial advisory company Lazard has released its annual Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) report, and wind and solar costs per MWh are continuing to fall. The company also addressed storage costs, and identified that short term batteries are the most cost effective in regards to renewables. Read on for more information here.

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How Solar Panels Could Cool Our Homes While Harvesting Energy

November 15, 2018

Future technology could allow for solar panels to power homes while also providing a cooling radiator for the house below. As temperatures rise worldwide, this technology, once commercialized, provides a promising future for air conditioner needs. Read on for more information here.

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Solar Energy Could Grow 6,500% by 2050

November 1, 2018

A tremendous opportunity for long-term investors, solar energy is expected to grow 6500% by 2050 according to a new report by DNV GL, a quality assurance and risk management company. Two-thirds of our energy will come from renewables by 2050, with wind and solar actually saving consumers money as they grow. Read on for more information here.

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