Premier Solar Northwest Care+

Introducing PSNW CARE+ Residential: The Ultimate Solution for Maximizing the Longevity and Performance of Your Solar Panel System

Experience complete peace of mind with PSNW Care+, our comprehensive program designed to ensure the ongoing efficiency and durability of your solar system. Benefit from an Annual System Review, Limited Pro-Active Monitoring, and exclusive discounts on service rates. Safeguard your investment and enjoy the following advantages:


Optimize the performance of your solar system to generate continual energy and maximize your savings.


Extend the lifespan of your solar system through our limited active monitoring and our ability to asses and troubleshoot alerts remotely (if equipment supports) without you potentially ever knowing there may have been an issue, pro-actively contact you if we need to schedule an onsite visit, while ensuring your continual power savings with your utility.


Save money on repairs and replacements with our discounted service rates.

Choose from our flexible investment options tailored to meet your specific needs:

Annual Plan

Secure comprehensive coverage for one year.

2-Year Plan (Savings of $300)

Enjoy extended protection and benefits for two years.

Take the first step toward securing your solar system’s longevity by contracting Premier Solar Northwest. Simply fill out the request form, and our experts will provide you with detailed information on PSNW CARE+.