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If you’re wondering how much solar energy you need to reduce your bills, this solar calculator is here to help. By using this solar savings calculator, you can easily get a ballpark estimate of your ideal system wattage in Washington and Oregon.

The solar calculator is great for your project’s beginning stages because it roughly hints at what system you might need. But it’s important to know that the experts at Premier Solar NW can give you a more accurate estimate. We take factors like shading, roof pitch, orientation, and available incentives into account when customizing your solar array.

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*Disclaimer: This is a generic estimate that doesn’t take more complex factors into account. For a more accurate solar estimate book a consultation with our team today.

solar calculator

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Does solar power work in washington & oregon?

Although the Pacific Northwest is no stranger to a cloudy day, solar energy still works well here. The Portland/Vancouver area actually gets just as much solar energy annually as the U.S. average. Additionally, our summers average the ideal temperature for solar (77°F) and have abundant sunlight that makes up for dark winters. 

What’s more is that net metering helps you make the most out of your solar energy, even when it’s dark and cloudy. With net metering, the excess energy your panels produce in the day goes to the grid, and when the sun goes away, you can use that energy. Whether or not you choose to use a backup battery, net metering is there to help you use your solar power no matter the weather. 

The Pacific Northwest has some of the best solar incentives in the country. Explore net metering for both Oregon and Washington.

And, of course, using our solar savings calculator in Oregon or Washington is a great way to get a general idea of what a great system might look like!

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solar calculator: frequently asked questions

If you go into the solar power calculator, you’ll see that you can play around with different bill offset percentages. It’s a great way to check out the various sizes of solar energy systems and how they affect your energy bills.

Keep in mind that some solar energy systems won’t be a good match for your home or business, and it might not be possible to completely eliminate your bills. This is because of factors like the site orientation, the amount of shade you get, your power needs, and so on. To get a better idea of the energy savings you can actually expect, take the next step and have a chat with us today.

If you reduce your bill by over 100%, it means you’re not only covering your energy usage but also producing extra power. It’s like being an energy superhero! When you team up with a net metering program, you can sell that surplus energy to the grid and earn credits to reduce your future bills even more. Talk about major energy savings!

Of course, whether or not this sweet setup is doable depends on factors like your home’s orientation, panel size, and efficiency. Contact us today for more details!

Once you finish filling out the fields in the solar panel calculator, you’ll get a result in kWh. This indicates a solar energy system size.

Now what’s the next step?

Consider your solar calculator result as a rough guide to give you a better idea of how much solar power you’ll need for your home or business. It’s designed to help you wrap your head around what size system could work realistically for you.

When you’re all set to kickstart your journey towards clean solar energy for your home, just fill out the contact form above. You can schedule a free estimate with us at Premier Solar NW!

What affects your solar cost?

The roof space you have for solar panels is important, and so is the direction that it faces (North, South, East, or West). We’ll assess orientation in designing your best system.

Our solar calculator mentions sunlight hours, but another important factor is the level of shading. This affects how much energy your panels can produce. We’ll look at trees, moss, and more.

We check to see that your roof has at least 10 years of life left before deciding to install solar panels. This is because solar panels and roofs have similar lifespans. A roof replacement with existing solar panels can be tricky due to panel removal costs. 

The model you go with and the complexity of your solar panel system both affect the cost. The simpler your solar design, the lower your cost.

Financing and tax incentives impact solar panel costs. Federal solar tax credits offer a 30% reimbursement on installation costs for systems installed in 2022-2032.

Our Process

Here is Premier Solar NW’s process for solar installation:

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