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Save Big with Oregon Commercial Incentives

Oregonians can pay off commercial solar installation in 5 years or less with current incentives!

Save 30% on installation costs with Federal Tax Credit and more with the current ETO incentive.

Federal Tax Credit

30% of the eligible costs related to your solar project can be taken as a federal tax credit. As long as your business pays federal income taxes you can take advantage of this incentive. Keep in mind this is not merely a tax deduction. Tax deductions only reduce the income on which you pay taxes. Tax credits reduce your tax which means that every dollar of the tax credit is a dollar in your pocket.

Oregon Commercial Incentives

Portland General Electric: $35,000 max.Pacific Power: $20,000 max.
$0.45 - $0.20/watt$0.20/watt
Project size cap: 400 kWProject size cap: 200 kW

Because of current incentives, it is an excellent time to act on solar for your business in Oregon. Not only do installations save you money through reduced energy costs, but you’ll be doing good for the environment, too!

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We had a great experience, working with Premier Solar NW! Everything went very smoothly!
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Very fast work and great quality.
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