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Premier Solar NW designs, maintains, and installs solar panels in Chehalis, WA, and the surrounding area. Our solar energy systems are cost-effective and green, and we focus on great customer relationships. We are delighted to serve our home regions in Washington and Oregon with outstanding solar solutions.

Premier Solar NW is a top solar installer in Chehalis, WA. We’re versatile with our installations, whether your system is going on the roof or on the ground. Our crew has a well-rounded knowledge of the process from design to installation, ensuring your system looks sharp and performs well- all the while prioritizing your power and budget needs.

Why Choose Us

Premier Solar NW is your top choice for solar companies in Washington and Oregon, and here’s why!


If you're in Washington or Oregon looking for solar panel installers near you, Premier Solar has you covered. Our home base is Portland, Oregon. We know the ins and outs of solar in this climate and are sensitive to the specific needs of our customers.

HIghly Experienced TEAM

Our team is experienced, professional, and friendly. We don't sacrifice the small details and always make sure you're satisfied when the job is done.


Premier Solar NW only uses high-quality tools and materials for our solar installations. This aspect is important to extend the lifespan of your panels, so you can enjoy enduring quality years down the line.

clean energy

We believe in the importance of eco-friendly and independent energy for folks in our community.


We stay up to date on federal and state solar incentives and help you navigate them so you can save money on your solar project.

financing options

With our partners, we offer great financing options, helping you get your solar project underway while staying on budget.


By working with great solar installers in Chehalis WA, you can start a journey towards energy independence.

If you are energy independent, you don't depend on utility companies for your power. The sun's rays are free, and solar power is renewable. If you can cover your power needs with solar, you are energy independent!

These are some advantages to using solar power and being energy independent:

reduced energy bills

When you use solar energy and become more energy independent, you can save money. By generating electricity from a free, renewable source, you don't need to pay as much to the traditional utility companies.

environmentally friendly

Solar and energy independence are eco-friendly ways to go. You won't need to rely as much on fossil fuels, you can reduce your carbon emissions, and you can encourage green energy in your community.

Increase Property Value

By having solar panels on your home, you can up your property value. This is because they are modern, desirable, sustainable, and cut energy bills for the owner of the home.

Energy security

Your energy is more secure with solar and independent energy. Becoming self-sufficient in generating your power reduces the risk that disruptions in the supply chain affect you.

PrEmier Solar


Premier Solar Northwest has you covered with excellent solar installation in Chehalis, WA. Our crew of experts gets the job done right without skipping the details. We use high-quality materials and keep in the loop on federal and state incentives so you save money going solar. For outstanding service and clean, green energy, choose Premier Solar Northwest!

Premier Solar Northwest


We have achieved a recommendation rate of greater than 90% from our customers who were surveyed through GuildQuality. That’s why we’re proud to include Premier Solar reviews from actual clients:

David Cobbley
David Cobbley
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Great company, very responsive, lots of integrity. Very happy with the end result and the support. Would recommend them to others without hesitation.
Alex Komov
Alex Komov
Read More
This was a complete dedicated seamless process from the beginning till the end. You can not find a better Solar panel company. Special thanks to Cliff and Bob ...
Angie Bunke
Angie Bunke
Read More
They have a great product and service. The install was fast and they took care of all the permits and details to coordinate with our electric company.

Our Services

As solar installers in Chehalis WA, we provide high-performing solar panels, install them right, and maintain them so they live a long life.

Solar Roofing Installation

We design our solar roofing systems to fit your needs to a tee. We do this by evaluating your home shading and orientation, power usage, electrical setup, budget, and more. This way, you can get the solar panel system that fits in with your home and lifestyle.


Not only is it crucial to have a great solar installation, but it's also crucial to keep it working at its best. Our crew maintains your solar energy system with inspections and cleaning to maximize the longevity of your investment.

Our Process

This is Premier Solar NW’s process for solar installation in Chehalis WA:

Chat with us

When you get in contact with us, we can put an onsite evaluation on the books so we can find out what solar setup fits your budget and needs.

onsite evaluation

Our experts will meet with you for your solar evaluation. This is where we assess orientation, shading, and more to see how solar can work for your home. After that, design begins for your solar energy system.

We do our job

After planning, it's time to start the solar installation. We do the job efficiently while paying attention to the important details.

We Answer Your Questions

Great solar companies in Washington always stay to ensure a job well done. To ensure your satisfaction and help you get the most out of your new system, our experts can answer any of your questions.


Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

You can still get energy from your solar panels on a cloudy day. Thanks to advances in solar power technology, gloomy days won’t stop your system from producing power. Net metering in Oregon and Washington and backup battery storage can allow you to use your excess solar energy at night.

Incentive programs are available for Washington residents when they install solar equipment. These incentives are designed to encourage homeowners and businesses to invest in clean power. To find out more, visit our Washington State solar incentives page.

A typical residential project takes between 1-3 days. The variance depends on the system size as well as the slope and complexity of the roof.

All of our solar panels carry a standard 25-year warranty. Our string inverters have a 12-year warranty and our micro-inverters have a 25-year warranty. We have one of the longest workmanship warranties in the Northwest at 10 years.

We work to leverage manufacturer warranty rebates whenever available to minimize service costs for replacement parts. If a replacement is needed, we will work with you to estimate any incremental service costs for reinstalling the new system or panel. 

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